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Mountain Lake

Empowering your ability to deliver better healthcare

We know how difficult it is to navigate a hospital’s financial system. You work hard to ensure that you manage hospital finances in a sustainable way, so that clinicians can continue to provide the highest quality care. 


What we do

In a rapidly changing healthcare landscape we know it can be difficult to keep track of changes in your internal costs in real time.


Zeumed does this for you.


  • We use the robust data systems that you have already put in place.


  • You choose the measures that you want for your hospital. Measures that reflect your standards of transparency and accountability.  

  • Our team of economic and clinical experts routinely identify aspects of the patient journey that are missed by others.

  • This can equate to a 20% difference between the cost of a patient stay and the reimbursement you receive from payers.

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About Us
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  • We analyse dynamic changes in health care prices which are often missed in top-down funding models.

  • Using information from electronic health records we design detailed funding models which take into account every step of the patient journey.

  • Our specialist tools can sharpen successful negotiations with payers. 

  • You will be well equipped to identify areas for efficiency gains that advantage patients. Our system allows you to compare within and between hospital departments. 

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We strive to be:


We pride ourselves on designing individualised solutions using your existing infrastructure. 


We design groundbreaking payment models by combining our extensive healthcare knowledge with novel software systems. 


We work with and for healthcare providers rather than insurers. 

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